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1. What is it exactly that you do and what your start-up is all about?
ClinchPad is an alternative to traditional CRMs and is built for small teams looking to break away from a cluster of spreadsheets to a more organized way of tracking leads. It believes that the user interaction should be as simple as possible so that it is effortlessly adopted.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a startup consultant with clients in the United States. I work with first-time entrepreneurs who don’t have a business management background or education and help them turn their dream business ideas into real companies that generate profits and give them more control over their lives. I’m also a travel nut, so this year I have combined my two passions and am exploring entrepreneurial ecosystems in Latin America. Every month or two I move to a different country and talk with the entrepreneurs, investors, and other players in the entrepreneurship space so that I can learn about what’s going on, spot opportunities, and share my story.

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1. What did you do before becoming the Director of sales of Zemanta?

I got my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY at Buffalo and even though I did use my degree for what it was intended, I’ve had great success working in Business Development for Technology companies.  Before Zemanta I worked for a social media application platform called KickApps.  I worked for a boutique agency, Flightpath.  And finally worked throughout my career on special projects.  I’m also the community manager for New York Rainmaker’s Roundtable sponsored by Salesforce.

2.  What does Zemanta do?

1. What does your company do?

Propelics is a leading provider of Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services, Mobile Advisory Services, and Mobile Application Services to some of the world’s largest brands. Headquartered in San Jose, the company has over 60 years of combined leadership experience working with customers to enable their mobile strategy.

2. Why did you start a mobile application development company?

The Propelics leadership team has been working together for over 15 years; delivering engagements across the globe. From the days of client-server, through the push to the web, the introduction of WAP, and with the release of the iOS SDK in 2008, this team has succeeded in advising clients on the trends, challenges, and best practices of emerging technologies.

1. Tell me about your ideal client?

The Christmas Collective’s ideal client seeks to create a value-maximizing program for developing and redeveloping real estate. Such clients realize that creating a development program requires analytic, strategic, and creative faculties one can only find in The Christmas Collective.

2. How long have you been practicing as a Chief Market Advisor?

I have been involved in the real estate industry since the late 1990s, but formally took on the title of Chief Market Advisor when the company began doing business as The Christmas Collective in 2010.

1.      Your company has an office in London and New York, have you considered opening a new office in the Middle East and Asia so that your target market would expand? 

We also have an office in Stockholm too! We have many plans for expansion and for us it’s always about finding the right individuals or partners locally. Our Swedish team were a group we had known personally for several years so they are able to work effectively, creatively and as authentic ‘Futerrans’ under a trust and verify rather than command and control model. We have already had several conversations with possible partners in both the Middle East and Asia we just haven’t met quite the right people yet! But it is a big ‘yet’ we are convinced that the urgent need for effective sustainability communications, strategy and coaching for business transformation around the world will need providers in every market. We hope to be key players in delivering this much needed transition.

Who are your competitors in this field of online services and what kind of strategy is the company using to achieve a competitive advantage?

We all know the travel industry is a crowded space. We also know that it’s a very large and lucrative space. Online travel bookings increased to an estimated $385 billion globally in 2012. This accounts for about 40% of total travel spending (up from 32% four years ago), according to research firm PhoCusWright. And with the proliferation of digital tools to facilitate and enhance the travel experience, that figure will only continue to grow. This is a really exciting time to be a traveling Millennial.

1-Nowadays, innovation and creativity are hard to find. How did you come up with the idea?

I’ve participated in and managed more sales contests than I can count. Three years ago a peer of mine and I were discussing how we could do something different for our next sales contest. We wanted to do something that would motivate the entire team; not just the top performers. Something different and unique that would keep them engaged. The idea of modeling a sales contest after fantasy sports came up and we fell in love with the idea. The concept of letting reps draft their own teams sounded incredibly fun. The problem was once we drew up how it would work, we realized it was going to be an operational nightmare to manage and required a simple piece of software. That software is now called FantasySalesTeam.

1) You say that you can help people turn their great idea into reality. profile photo 2011

What stops people from using a goal setting strategy?


Some people have loads of great ideas, but spend their time daydreaming rather than taking practical steps to make them happen. So many people I meet never use a goal setting strategy or if they start to work on their idea they get held up along the way. I find the main issue here is fear. You have an idea, it could be a great idea, but having a goal setting strategy means picking that idea to pieces, and exposing the potential flaws in the idea. It is far safer to stay in your comfort zone and keep your precious idea to yourself.

1. A common complaint for writers—creative or corporate—is writer’s block. What do you recommend for anyone having a hard time getting started?

Michelle Again

A writer who is stuck has probably gotten hung up on one of the sides of the Writing Triangle:author, audience, or purpose. I would suggesttackling purpose first. What’s the point of this document? What message am I trying to convey? For corporate writers, this sometimes means shooting a quick email off to your supervisor, since “little” things like purpose often get lost in the morass of middle management.


How to pick a Brand Name

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1. What are examples of brand names that have been effective and why?

After extensive research I was consistently amazed by one fact: Nearly every brand name holding the number 1 spot in its category has a fortunate name number.

For example, Coca Cola, considered the top brand name of all, adds up to a fantastic 10/1 name. This is what the Chaldeans called the “Instant Manifestation” number – extremely powerful because 10 manifests so quickly and easily. Celebrities who have 10 names are Ted Turner, Bill Clinton and Reese Witherspoon.

Perry Marshall reveals the secrets of AdWords

WeeklyInterview: Why is Google adwords an impoperry-marshallrtant part of the marketing arsenal?

Perry Marshall: Three fourths of all serious product purchases now include a web search- before, during or after the decision is made.Fifteen years ago, no one could have predicted the world would move so heavily in this direction. But Google is the information source that people trust most. So your ability to have a prominent place on Google is growing in importance with each passing day.

WI: How is adwords fundamentally different from other forms of advertising?
PM: It’s the only kind of advertising where you only advertise when someone is already thinking about what you sell and you pay only when they click through to hear your story.


Position Your Brand

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WeeklyInterview: You have founded a consulting firm Trout & Partners Ltd. Is your firm the leader in the field of marketing strategy and whom you count the competitors? Why did you split up with your partner Al Ries who co-authored 3 books with you?

Jack Trout: We are probably the only international firm that focuses on “Strategy”. Most others deal with process which entails research, market analysis, etc. We focus on perceptions on the mind which is the battleground and how to differentiate your self.

Ries and I broke up because he wanted to work with his daughter and train her.

WeeklyInterview: What is a spiritual definition for energy and how does that differ from the scientific Candacedefinition?

Candace Talmadge: A spiritual definition of energy would expand its meaning beyond the physical. Right now, science understands and defines energy as “the ability to do work.” This means the ability of steam force to drive a piston and power a locomotive, for example. Or for a gas flame to heat water and cook food, as further examples.

This definition of energy limits it purely to the material. This definition of energy also makes true understanding of the concept of energy-healing all but impossible.

To grasp truly how energy plays a role in emotional and spiritual healing, we require a definition of energy that is unlimited and based in the Divine, however we imagine the Divine to be.

WeeklyInterview:  Why is identity theft such a problem?Robert Sicliano

Robert Siciliano: The current system of identification is antiquated. At any time anyone can pose as you and create new financial accounts as you. Additionally the system of credit is wide open. Which means with readily available information, including a Social Security Number, a thief can get credit under your name and Social. There is no fool proof way to assign accountability to who receives credit.

WeeklyInterview:  How did you become involved with podcasting?zack daggy

Zack Daggy: It started with an interview for a scholarship at my university. They asked what I thought could improve their online student paper, so I suggested that they should expand into podcasting since it seemed like it was the emerging form of syndication in the journalistic field. They loved the idea. In fact at the end of the meeting they wanted me to head up the transition into podcasting. That was all well and good, but there was just one problem… I didn’t know the first thing about how to create a podcast.

As soon as the interview was over I went to the campus bookstore and bought a copy of “Podcasting For Dummies.” A week later I produced the first episode of The Mothpod as a test.

WeeklyInterview:  How can a Virtual Assistant save both time and money for businesses and Dawn Martinelloentrepreneurs?

Dawn Martinello: When you started your business, you probably did it because you had a passion and a knack for it.  But along side of the object of your passion is everything else associated with running a business.  Things like bookkeeping, invoicing clients, marketing your company, answering phones, and hiring employees or contractors. All these eat up the time you could be doing the thing that earns you money.

Partnering with a Virtual Assistant allows you to spend more of your time making money rather than spending time behind the scenes working on your business.

WeeklyInterview: I spend lots of money in restaurant marketing. Jose_RiescoHowever, I don’t see good results. Why is it not working for me?

Jose Riesco: You are spending your marketing budget in marketing initiatives that obviously don’t work (yellow pages, coupons, etc.). There is a saying “If you keep on working the same way, you will keep on getting the same results”. If your current marketing is not working for you, it is time to change it. So what marketing works? There are many (an inexpensive) marketing initiatives that a restaurateur can do, among them:

Setup a formalized referral system


Problems Facing Families

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WeeklyInterview: What’s the biggest challenge families face?  Julie Watson Smith

Julie Smith: The biggest challenge families face – actually everyone faces it – is consistency. Or rather, a lack of consistency. Whether we want to spend more time with our children or lose a few pounds, we all the best of intentions. Yet, we don’t have the habits. in place to invite consistency. We often have default habits that allow complacency.

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WeeklyInterview: Why do you believe contesting/sweepstakes can help increase a companies sales inCarolyn Wilman a down economy?

Carolyn Wilman: In today’s economy, companies are looking for new marketing tactics. Right now, people need more fun in their lives. What is wonderful about running a sweepstakes is it adds fun and excitement around a product or service.  It also can be very inexpensive to run depending on the business and entry method selected.

WI: What ways can UGC sweepstakes increase sales?


  1. They get people thinking about a product or service, so next time they need to purchase, the sponsor will be top-of-mind.

WeeklyInterview: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is made up of three key disciplines: paid search management Matt Malden.jpgand optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), and landing page optimization.  Why does each exist within a silo?

Matt Malden: When search engines first began their rise to prominence in the late 1990’s, companies became very concerned with how to get the top position in natural (or organic) search results for the keywords that mattered most to them.  They realized that showing up first resulted in significantly more traffic to their website.  From that concern arose a whole field of professionals focusedon assessing company websites and how best to optimize them for search engine crawlers.

WeeklyInterview: What exactly is SEO and the various components ?jennhorowitz

Jennifer Horowitz: SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It is the process of optimizing your website for the search engines so when users query certain phrases related to your products or services, your website comes up.  SEO is often considered the foundation of a marketing campaign and the ones of the biggest sources of traffic to a website.  There are 3 main components to SEO: your site foundation (how clean the code is and how well structured the site is), the on-page optimization (the usage of keywords in your content and other code strategies) and lastly off-page optimization (links that point to your site – the engines feel if a lot of links point to your site, it shows popularity and shows your site is worthy of being ranked.


Tips on How to Go Green

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WeeklyInterview: What’s the easiest way to make a big difference in going green?Will Johnston.jpg

Will Johnston: The biggest way to make a difference is to stop buying things. Every time you grow or make what you consume you eliminate a purchase in the global supply chain. This means the carbon footprint, packaging, landfill and other resources that are required to manufacture and get that product to a store are eliminated. It’s surprisingly easy to grow and make many things which we purchase in stores. Even if it’s just making your own toothpaste or growing herbs on your windowsill, it all adds up.

WeeklyInterview: What is the Planet Tour?

Daryl Makk
Daryl Makk: A new Web-TV show that follows a live comedy tour with stand-up comic Daryl Makk living off his motorcycle as he rides across the planet. The show’s message is to promote safety on the road by sharing the road and for riders to wear their gear.

WI:  What inspired you to create it?

DM:  A hit and run driver left Daryl in the street with broken bones and a written off motorcycle. Daryl decided it was time to give the motorcycle public a voice that riders are not going to take this blatant disrespect for our safety.

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Tips on How to Write a Novel

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WeeklyInterview:  Where do beginning novelists usually go wrong with their stories? JasonBlack.jpg

Jason Black: Not enough development of the premise. A solid premise makes for a book that is not only more fun to read, but more fun to write, too.  Where most writers miss the mark is that their premise doesn’t have enough “inherent conflict.”  That is, the premise itself does not lead to a sufficient degree of conflict within the novel.  Conflict of all kinds–conflict between characters, characters facing difficult situations or obstacles, even “man versus nature”–is what drives a riveting novel.

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WeeklyInterview: When does mouthing everything become a problem?  Autism


Lorna d’Entremont : Chewing and mouthing behaviors are a normal part of a healthy developing child. However, if a child is a frequent or habitual bitter of everything at his disposal past toddler-hood, parents should seek professional help. They should have their child evaluated to find out if this mouthing is normal behavior.  

WI: What are some reasons a child bites or chews inappropriately?


LE: *Child may have had sensitivity or medical issues in the mouth and missed his formative, infant mouthing stage, he/she might just be going through it late.

WeeklyInterview: Do you think yoga can improve the average person’s life? What can you get out of it  A Life Worth Breathingthat you think can’t be found elsewhere?

Max Strom: Yes, absolutely.  Sports generally isolates the body to strengthen and vitalize it, whereas yoga affects the body and nervous system, and mind.  This is done with breath-initiated movement which creates a powerful emotional and mental response.  It relaxes, invigorates, and awakens the nervous system.  And it also strengthens and vitalizes the body.  This is way beyond endorphins – it “re-boots us.”  We achieve self-empowerment.

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WeeklyInterview: You focus on “helping people express and expand their creativity.” What’s the best sam harrison.jpgway to tap into our creativity?

Sam Harrison: That’s a long list, but curiosity ranks at the top. To be creative we must have a passionate curiosity about life. We have to visit new places. Take detours. Explore different blogs, books and magazines. Stroll museums and galleries. Talk with people. Ask questions. Ray Bradbury, who authored more than 500 published works, made a habit of reading a short story, an essay and a poem every day. He said he never had a dry period because he fed his mind well.

WeeklyInterview: What is the impact of social media on business communications as we know it?Aliza S

Aliza Sherman: Like the Internet in the 80s and the Web in the 90s, social media tools are having an enormous impact on they way we communicate, particularly for businesses. These days, consumers are far more plugged in – not just to listening to what their friends, colleague and social networking contacts have to say, but also to the tools that give them the power of publishing their own thoughts and opinions. Because of this new Social Media-Powered Consumer, businesses have an entirely different communications landscape to navigate, and monitoring what is being said about one’s company, brand, products and services has never been more critical.

Weekly Interview: You claim to have a secret strategy for successfully launching a website abroad. GaryphotoWhat is it?

Gary Muddyman: In a nutshell, it’s cultural customisation. It is a huge mistake to believe that just because your website has been a smash hit in the States that it will work in the UK or Australia, let alone France, South Korea or Brazil.

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WeeklyInterview : What are the greatest challenges of raising twins vs. a singleton child?

Shelly B. : The lack of any extra hands for starters!  One baby requires a mom to have 2 hands, even 3 at times, so as you can imagine, adding an extra baby to the mix, can at times have you shouting to your partner, ‘I need help and now!’

It’s definitely a more rewarding experience then it is a challenging one, but the juggling act between two infants and trying to keep the peace in the rest of the home, meaning sibling jealousy, making time for everybody, getting every day tasks accomplished, etc. are definitely the hardest parts about raising twins.


Autism the Lighter Side

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WeeklyInterview:  Why did you decide to blog about the “lighter side of autism?Big Daddy Autism

Big Daddy Autism:  I want to share how my family uses creativity, humor, and acceptance to overcome adversity.  When our son was first diagnosed in 1998, we felt as though our lives collapsed.  While there were many resources focused on coping with tragedy and practical advice for dealing with a disabled child, we found few references describing how having a child with a disability was not all about sorrow, lost hopes, making do, and heartache but rather could be a lot of fun.  To fill this void, we began a crusade, of sorts, to make the public aware that life doesn’t end with a diagnosis of a cognitive disability.

WeeklyInterview: Why Don’t I Succeed?Devi Doolin

Daya Devi-Doolin: Give yourself time to ask this question of yourself.  Then answer or fill in the blanks below. The answers are within you, the truthful answers that is.  Here are some possible reasons you are not and won’t be a success because you hold these beliefs as truths for yourself:

a.        I can’t believe it is possible for me to….fill in the blank

b.      I don’t have………..fill in the blank

c.       I keep saying I wish……

d.      I have to wait for my kids to …..


The Do’s of Social Media

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WeeklyInterview. Why is there so much buzz about social media marketing? And is it over-hyped? benacheson

Ben Acheson: Social media generates buzz because it makes incredible feats of communication possible. Rather than passively broadcasting to people you actually reach out and engage with them in an active two-way conversation. It’s a game-changer that takes intermediaries like agencies out of the marketing equation and connects brands directly with their customers. And there’s always the chance that users will be so engaged with what you’re doing that they’ll share it with their network of people, who in turn will share it – and it will go viral. But social media is over-hyped. It’s not a magic bullet and having a Facebook page or a Twitter feed and posting spammy advertisements absolutely doesn’t make you a social media marketer. You really have to make it possible for your customers to educate you about their lives and needs – and then open the doors for them to come to you to make their lives easier and meet those needs.

1. Why are so many regular people skeptical that anyone can really make money online?

Most people don’t see the behind the scenes part of how real businesses work on the Web.They only see and hear about spammers and “gurus”and things like that. In other words, their experience online is limited to what they know and have been exposed to. The truth is that there’s never been a greater time in the history of the world to start an online business and make it successful. The costs are nowhere near what they used to be, and the technology has been made easy enough for even the most un-skilled person to handle. But still, many people don’t try to build an online business because they are either scared to try it and fail, or they just don’t know it’s possible. I’m trying to change that.